Council for Mass Media Support Association

Established in 1968 by publishers and journalists in the field of mass communication, the Council for Mass Media is a self-regulating body, whose member organisations and individual members are bound, by virtue of signing the Basic Agreement, to compliance with the Guidelines for Journalists.

The organisation, financing and other support for the Council for Mass Media is managed by the Support Association Jusanek in accordance with its rules. The activities of Jusanek and the Council are primarily financed by the Association’s member organisations. The member organisations pay their share of the Council’s expenses in the form of confirmed annual fees to the Support Association. The share of the State subsidy paid by the Ministry of Justice has accounted for nearly one third of the budget.


The Council for Mass Media Support Association maintains the Guidelines for Journalists and elects the members to represent the Council’s media on the basis of the proposals presented at the autumn meeting. Representatives of the public are elected on the basis of an open call procedure. Jusanek elects the Council chairperson through an open call and unanimous decision for a term of five years. The so-called individual members of the media that commit to the self-regulation of the Council are also elected by Jusanek by unanimous decision.

In 2022, the chairperson of the Board of the Support Association is Hanne Aho, President of the Union of Journalists in Finland; the vice chairperson is Timo Huovinen, Head of Journalistic Standards and Ethics, Finnish Broadcasting Company; and Mikko Hoikka, Sector Director for the Finnish Media Federation, serves as a member.