Council for Mass Media

The Council for Mass Media (CMM) is a self-regulating committee established by publishers and journalists in the field of mass communication for the purpose of interpreting good professional practice and defending the freedom of speech and publication. The Council also addresses the methods by which journalists acquire their information. The Council does not exercise legal jurisdiction or public authority. Its decisions are, however, closely followed and observed. This is also true in other countries that have media councils that serve a similar function to the CMM.

Any person who considers that there has been a breach of good professional practice by the press, radio or television may bring this to the attention of the Council. The Council can also process a complaint concerning online material if the material is considered to have been published in an online media. The matter does not need to concern the complainant personally, but the consent of the injured party must be included in order for the case to be processed. If the Council believes that the media has breached good professional practice, it issues a notice which the party in violation must publish within a short time span. If the media that has received the notice does not publish it, the notice will be otherwise made public.
The complaint process is free of any charge.
The majority of the Finnish media have signed the Council’s Basic Agreement, whereby the Council can directly handle any complaints that concern them. Under certain circumstances involving important principles, the Council can also independently initiate an investigation.

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Basic agreement

The task of the Council for Mass Media is to cultivate responsible freedom in regard to the Mass Media as well as provide support for good journalistic practice. Media associations, journalists’ unions and independent media companies that have affiliated to the Basic Agreement are bound to adhere to its principles. They also endeavour to ensure that their members and those working for them act in accordance with the intentions of this agreement.

Statistics and annual reports

CMM publishes its annual reports and statistics only in Finnish.