CMM condemns violence in Paris

CMM condemns violence in Paris

January 8, 2015

To The Embassy of France in Helsinki

The Council for Mass Media in Finland very strongly condemns the outrageous attack on Charlie Hebdo and its editor, cartoonists and other personnel. In a democratic country, like in Finland, it is absolutely impossible to understand or accept any violence directed at news media and journalists who do their work on the basis of press freedom.
The press freedom and freedom of speech are essential and inherent elements of democracy. They must be protected in all circumstances against barbarism. If there are differences of opinions, let the best argument decide and win.
We in Finland stand together with the Charlie Hebdo people and the entire journalistic community in France. We also want to pass our deepest condolences to the victims of this brutal attack and to all French people who want to oppose barbarism and violence.
Those responsible for this cowardly attack must be brought to justice and condemned by law, not with violence.

Risto Uimonen            Ilkka Vänttinen
Chairman                   General Secretary